macOS High Sierra

Tell people about apps

In App Store, you can rate and review apps and tell your friends about them.

Customer ratings in the App Store.

Open App Store for me

  • Rate or review an app you purchase or download: On the app’s description page, click a star next to “Rate this application.”

  • Write a review of an app you purchased or downloaded: Click the link below Customer Reviews to write a review. Enter review information, then click Submit.

  • Tell your friends about an app: Click the info bubble pop-up menu and choose an option:

    An app information button showing the pop-up menu for choosing an option for sharing info about an app.
    • Copy Link: Create a copy of the link to the app description page. You can paste the link into an email message or a document.

    • Tell a Friend: Send an email about the app.

    • Share on Twitter: Tweet about the app.

    • Share to Facebook: Create a Facebook post about the app.