If a project you created in iPhoto shows empty frames in Photos for OS X

With iPhoto, you could use still images from videos in projects like calendars, books, and cards. When you move your iPhoto library to Photos for OS X, video images will appear as empty frames in projects.

Confirm that frames are empty because of video images

Follow these steps to confirm that a frame in your project is empty because it contained a video image in iPhoto:

  1. Open iPhoto. If you're opening iPhoto for the first time since moving your library to Photos, you'll see a message that says your photo library has been migrated to Photos. Click Open iPhoto.
    Photos alert
  2. Open your project.
  3. Select the frame containing the image that's missing from the project in Photos.
  4. Click the Options button at the bottom-right of iPhoto.
  5. In the pane that appears, click Edit Photo. If the image is from a video, you'll see a message that says the selected items can't be edited in iPhoto. This means the image is from a video, and you'll need to follow the instructions in the next section.
    iPhoto alert

Complete your project and place an order

You can complete your project and place an order with one of these options:

  • Order prints of your project, including the video images, through iPhoto.
  • Replace the empty frames with other pictures in Photos, then order prints in that app.
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