Keep your receipt after you buy an Apple device

Congratulations on your new Apple device! We know you want to take great care of your product, so we recommend you keep your receipt and other important documents in a safe place.

If you ever need to update your device records, we'll need to see a copy of the original sales receipt. And if you have an AppleCare plan, you should also keep your Proof of Coverage letter.

All documents must be issued by an Apple Authorized Reseller and meet this criteria:

  • A legible sales receipt

  • The sales receipt must provide:

    • A clear description of your device.

    • The device’s date of purchase.

    • An invoice or receipt number.

    • The device’s price.

    • The reseller’s contact information. We prefer the reseller’s seal or logo too.

    • The device’s serial number if the reseller normally lists serial numbers on their receipts.

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