How to get a Tech ID

To register for AppleCare service certification exams, you need a Tech ID.

What's a Tech ID?

A Tech ID is required to access ATLAS (Apple Technical Learning Administration System), AppleCare Service Training's website for online training and other learning resources. A Tech ID is also required for accessing Global Service Exchange (GSX).

Use your Apple ID to generate a Tech ID

Go to and sign in with your Apple ID. Your Tech ID is generated automatically.

If your type of Apple ID isn't supported

If you're using an Apple ID that has been used with another Apple service, such as iTunes or the App Store, you'll get a message that access for your type of Apple ID is not supported.

Click "Create an Apple ID" and create a new Apple ID using a working email address that has no history with Apple. After you create the new Apple ID, your Tech ID is generated automatically.

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