Mac OS X v10.5: Managed users see printers they should not see

If groups of managed users have different access to network printers, yet log in from the same workstation, members of one group may be able to see and print to printers assigned to a different group.

This can occur after a member of one group logs into a workstation and prints to a particular printer, if a different managed user from a different workgroup logs in from the same workstation.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

Follow these steps to ensure that managed users can only see the managed printers that have been assigned to their group in Workgroup Manager:

  1. Update the client Mac to Mac OS X v10.5.7 or later.
  2. Connect to the client management server using Workgroup Manager.
  3. Select the group whose printer view you wish to control.
  4. Click the Preference tab.
  5. Click the Details tab.
  6. Under the heading "Modify application preferences in the preference editor" double-click the entry.
  7. In the preference editor window that appears, click the disclosure triangle next to "Always" to show the contents of this dictionary.
  8. Select "Always" then click the "New Key" button.
  9. Name the new key ShowOnlyManagedPrinters, set the Type to boolean, and the Value to true:

    Workgroup Manager preference editor
  10. Click "Apply Now" and "Done".

Repeat these steps as needed for other managed workgroups.

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