Final Cut Server 1.5.2: Release notes

This document contains release information about Final Cut Server 1.5.2.

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Final Cut Server 1.5.2:

  • Fixes an expiring Java certificate in the Final Cut Server Java client.
    • Updates the Java signing certificate to avoid certification authentication issues in the Final Cut Server Java client.
  • Fixes an issue that blocked the use of a transcode setting for the Matrox CompressHD H.264 encoding card.
    • When the Matrox CompressHD plug-in for Compressor is installed, fixes an issue that stopped the corresponding transcode settings from appearing as an available option in the Final Cut Server administration window.


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Final Cut Server 1.5.1 update:

  • Fixes possible slowdown in the check in and check out process.
    This improves the time taken to check in or check out Final Cut projects, particularly for projects containing lots of files.
  • Fixes status display in the Downloads & Uploads window.
    Category is now set to "[None]" by default rather than "Other" when performing an upload.
  • Corrects aspect ratio on thumbnails for anamorphic clips.
    Thumbnails for clips marked with an anamorphic flag are now displayed correctly and not with a default 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • Locked assets are now skipped in the archive process.
    This fixes an issue in which Final Cut Server would freeze when attempting to archive multiple locked files. Now locked files are not archived by an archive command.
  • Fixes archiving and restore for bundle assets.
    This fixes an issue that prevented archiving scripts from operating on bundle assets, and corrects an issue in which the filetype extension for non-folder-based bundle assets were lost after restoring from archive. This also ensures that restoring a bundle to a volume that has insufficient space will terminate without leaving a partially copied bundle behind.
  • Improves reliability of adding and removing archive devices.
    This corrects an issue with Final Cut Server archiving to an unmounted archive device whereby a local folder was created for the archive. Now the archive process does not complete and gives an alert indicating that the archive device is unmounted.
  • This release also contains a significant number of smaller fixes aimed at improving the overall stability of the application.
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