Mac OS X 10.2: Remove Microsoft Office v.X Test Drive before installing Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office v.X may not install in Mac OS X 10.2.

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Remove Microsoft Office v.X Test Drive if you cannot install Microsoft Office v.X.

    1. Quit any open Microsoft Office applications. (Open applications have a triangle next to their icons in the Dock.)
    2. Open the Remove Test Drive or Remove Office application (/Applications/Microsoft Office X).
    3. Click Remove when prompted to remove Office v.X Test Drive. Note: This moves Office v.X Test Drive software to the Trash.
    4. Click the Finder's icon in the Dock.
    5. Empty the Trash.

 If the Remove Test Drive application does not work, or if Office v.X is not recognized as the non-Test Drive version following installation, try deleting the Office v.X folder, then reinstalling the software.

If you need additional assistance, contact Microsoft Product Support Services (866) 474-4882.

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