iPod: How to Safely Disconnect if iPod doesn‘t eject

Learn how to safely disconnect iPod if it still displays the "Do not disconnect" message after you eject it from the computer.

This document should only be used after following the steps in this document. If you go through those steps and continue to see the Do Not Disconnect message, then continue reading.

The "Do not disconnect" message remains on iPod after ejecting it in iTunes, the Finder, or the My Computer window.

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  1. Listen to or touch iPod to see if its hard drive is spinning.
  2. If the hard drive is not spinning, you can safely disconnect iPod from your computer.
  3. Reset iPod. Note: When you reset iPod, all your music and data are saved.

If the hard drive is spinning, quit iTunes then re-open it. See if iPod appears in the Source list. If so, eject iPod and disconnect it from the computer. If the hard drive continues to spin while displaying the "do not disconnect" message, disconnect it and reset it as described above.

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