Xsan Admin may not appear to work immediately following Xsan 2 upgrade

Immediately following an upgrade from Xsan 1 to Xsan 2, Xsan Admin may not appear to function properly. Functionality may be absent and statistics may be unavailable.

During this procedure, which may take hours or, in extreme cases, days to complete, the Xsan Volume cannot be mounted by Xsan clients.

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This is expected behavior.

The upgrade from Xsan 1.x to Xsan 2.x involves modifying the Xsan filesystem. The time needed for this procedure depends on the number of files on the volume. During this volume modification, Xsan Admin is not able to control or present statistics relating to the volume. 

To verify that the volume modification is underway, open the volume's log (located at /Library/Filesystems/Xsan/data/XsanVolumeName/cvlog). If the update is underway, the last log entries will resemble this:

fsm[6334]: RPL_init: RPL upgrade required. 

fsm[6334]: RPL_Upgrade: Removing existing RPL attributes. 


fsm[6334]: RPL_Upgrade: removal completed  11 blocks


fsm[6334]: RPL_Upgrade: removal completed  8400 blocks

fsm[6334]: RPL_Upgrade: RPL removal complete. Repopulating...


fsm[6334]: RPL_Upgrade: 1% complete (1 of 8400 IEL blocks) 


fsm[6334]: RPL_Upgrade: 100% complete (8400 of 8400 IEL blocks) 

fsm[6334]: RPL_init: RPL upgrade complete.

Once the modification completes, Xsan Admin should work as expected.
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