Mac OS X 10.5: iChat AIM account buddy list repeatedly expands, collapses, and generates a login error

If you have a NetGear router, your iChat AIM account buddy list may begin to expand and collapse repeatedly. You may also get an error stating "You have attempted to login too often in a short period of time. Wait a few minutes before trying to login again."

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Some NetGear routers require SSL port 443 connections for iChat AIM accounts.  Follow these steps to configure your iChat AIM account to use SSL on port 443:

  1. Open iChat
  2. Click your AIM buddy list
  3. From the iChat menu, choose Log Out of (AIM screen name)... or press Command-L
  4. From the iChat menu, choose Preferences
  5. Click the Accounts button
  6. Select your AIM account
  7. Click the Server Settings tab
  8. Check Use SSL
  9. Enter 443 in the Port field

Repeat steps 5 through 8 if you have multiple AIM accounts.

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