Podcasts app for iOS: Playback controls

Podcasts for iOS gives you full control over how you play your podcasts. You can play podcasts faster or slower, skip ahead, and jump back. Use Siri to play back your podcasts. You can even set podcast playback to sleep after a certain time.

When you tap any podcast episode, you will see playback controls that look like this:
Podcast playback controls


Playback controls

Podcasts play/pause Play or Pause
Podcast episode list Tap to pick another unplayed episode from the podcast
Podcast next/previous controls Skips to the previous or next episode in a podcast
Podcasts skip ahead or back Skip back or ahead in an episode by 15 seconds
Podcasts playback speed Speed 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 0.5x will play back the episode at normal speed or at a faster or slower rate
Podcasts sleep timer Sleep Timer Lets you automatically stop playback of an audio podcast after a certain amount of time
Podcasts scrub control You can scrub through a podcast by dragging the playhead in the time index. While touching and dragging the playhead you change the scrub speed by dragging down on the screen.


Ask Siri
A quick way to control playback of your podcasts is by using Siri on your iOS device.

To Play: Say:
A station named “Commute” Play commute Podcast station
A podcast named "Fresh Air" Play Fresh Air Podcast
The newest episode of a specific podcast Play Latest Fresh Air Podcast
The oldest episode of a specific podcast Play Oldest Fresh Air Podcast
The newest episode out of all your podcasts Play My Latest Podcasts
The oldest episode out of all your podcasts Play My Oldest Podcasts
Resume playing last played episode if not yet finished (or play the next episode after it) Play My Podcasts

If you have cellular data usage disabled for the Podcasts app for iOS and you are currently using cellular data, then Siri will only play downloaded episodes.

Play order
You can choose to have a podcast play episodes newest to oldest or oldest to newest. 

  1. Tap My Podcasts.
  2. Tap a podcast.
  3. Drag down with one finger to reveal Settings.
  4. Tap Settings.
    Podcasts settings button
  5. Tap Play and choose how you would like the podcast to play back.
    Podcasts playback order


Sync playback position
If you play podcasts on multiple devices, you can sync the playback position to all of your devices if you sign in with the same Apple ID.

Mark as Played, Save Episode, or Delete Download
When you mark an episode as played, the blue dot next to it will disappear and the episode will also disappear from the Unplayed tab. If it was downloaded to your iOS device, it will delete 24 hours after you play it or mark it as played. You can save an episode that you've already played and it will appear under the Saved tab. If you've downloaded an episode and no longer want to keep it on your device you can delete it.

  1. Tap a podcast in My Podcasts
  2. Tap the information icon next to an episode:Podcasts info button
  3. Tap the action you want to take for that podcast.
    Podcasts mark as played, save or delete


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