Lion Server: How to set up auto-accept for Lion Server Calendar Service

In Lion Server v10.7.3 and later you can configure the iCal service to allow users to auto-accept invitations during free time.

You can enable auto-accept for all Calendar service users by editing two configuration files using the instructions in this article.

  1. Add the the following lines to the "Scheduling" section of the /etc/caldavd/caldavd.plist file:


  1. Edit the augments.xml file in the /Library/Server/Calendar and Contacts/Data/ directory. Note: If this file does not already exist on your server, create a Location or Resource in the iCal pane of Server app. That will create the augments.xml file.
  2. For the "Default" record in that file, set the "<auto-schedule>" value to "true". This will globally affect all users. For example:


  1. Restart the Calendar Server in order for the changes to the plist and xml file to take effect.
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