iOS 5: Font list

Learn which fonts are used in iOS 5.

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Family Name Version
Academy Engraved LET 7.0d1e1
American Typewriter 7.0d1e1
Apple Color Emoji 7.0d18e1
AppleGothic 7.0d5e1
Arial Version 5.01.2x
Arial Hebrew 6.0d2e1
Arial Rounded MT Bold Version 1.51x
Bangla Sangam MN 7.0d4e1
Baskerville 7.0d4e2
Bodoni 72 7.0d1e2
Bodoni 72 Oldstyle 7.0d1e2
Bodoni 72 Smallcaps 7.0d1e2
Bodoni Ornaments 7.0d2e1
Bradley Hand 7.0d1e3
Chalkboard SE 7.0d13e1
Chalkduster 7.0d6e1
Cochin 7.0d1e1
Copperplate 7.0d1e2
Courier 7.0d2e1
Courier New Version 5.00.2x
Devanagari Sangam MN 7.0d10e1
Didot 6.1d4e1
Euphemia UCAS 6.1d4e1
Futura 6.2d1e1
Geeza Pro 6.1d8e1
Georgia Version 5.00x-3
Gill Sans 6.1d9e1
Gujarati Sangam MN 7.0d2e1
Gurmukhi MN 7.0d2e1
Heiti SC 7.0d21e1
Heiti TC 7.0d21e1
Helvetica 8.0d9e1
Helvetica Neue 7.1d2e5
Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN Version 8.10
Hiragino Mincho ProN Version 8.10
Hoefler Text 6.1d7e1
Kailasa 7.0d3e1
Kannada Sangam MN 7.0d3e1
Malayalam Sangam MN 7.0d3e1
Marion 7.1d2e3
Marker Felt 4.4d2e1
Noteworthy 7.0d15e1
Optima 6.1d4e1
Oriya Sangam MN 7.0d4e1
Palatino 7.0d4e4
Papyrus 6.1d10e2
Party LET 7.0d2e1
Sinhala Sangam MN 7.05e1
Snell Roundhand 7.0d6e3
Tamil Sangam MN 7.0d2e1
Telugu Sangam MN 7.0d2e1
Thonburi 10.7d8e1
Times New Roman Version 5.01.3x
Trebuchet MS Version 5.00x
Verdana Version 5.01x
Zapf Dingbats 6.1d3e1
Zapfino 6.1d5e1

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