Lion Server: How to enable webmail for Active Directory users

Learn how to enable webmail for Active Directory users.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
  1. Using your favorite text editor, add the following lines to /usr/share/webmail/config/

    // Add site-specific require directive
    require_once(RCMAIL_CONFIG_DIR . '/');
  2. Create /usr/share/webmail/config/ with the following lines..

    $rcmail_config['imap_auth_type'] = LOGIN;
    $rcmail_config['default_host'] = 'tls://%n';
  3. Make sure SSL is enabled for the webmail and mail server because passwords may be clear text.
  4. Disable CRAM-MD5 authentication. and enable LOGIN and PLAIN authentication for IMAP in the Advanced Mail settings of Server Admin, or with the following commands.

    sudo serveradmin settings mail:imap:imap_auth_cram_md5=no
    sudo serveradmin settings mail:imap:imap_auth_login=yes
    sudo serveradmin settings mail:imap:imap_auth_plain=yes
  5. Use Server app to restart Mail.
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