Lion Server: Configuring the NetBoot service enables NFS

When configuring the NetBoot service in Lion Server (in Mac OS X v10.7), /etc/exports is created in order for the NetBoot related share points to be exported via NFS. When /etc/exports is created, the NFS service starts automatically. If all of your NetBoot images are being shared via HTTP and not via NFS, you may wish to keep the NFS service from starting.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

To keep NFS from starting automatically, you can execute this command in Terminal:

sudo nfsd disable

Note: This will prevent Lion Server from exporting all NFS exports, not just the NetBoot specific ones.


To revert the change, execute this command in Terminal:

sudo nfsd enable

You can learn more about the nfsd(8) command by typing man nfsd in Terminal.

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