802.1x Login Window Profile: How to authenticate with a cached Active Directory mobile account

The typical method for logging into an Active Directory-bound Mac OS X v10.6 client is via the account's username and password. With Mac OS X v10.6.7 or later, it is possible to ensure that proper authentication to the Wi-Fi network occurs when the account authenticates to the Login Window by supplying the Active Directory domain in which the account exists.

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  1. If Login Window has not been configured to show a name and password field, click "Other...". (Otherwise these fields will already be visible.)
  2. For the Name field, enter a value that looks like one of the following two options:

Here are some sample values:

  • Username:   applecareuser1
  • Domain Name:   int.applecare.com
  • Pre-Windows 2000 Domain Name:   APPLECARE
  • Valid Format #1 - User Principal Name Format:   applecareuser1@int.applecare.com
  • Valid Format #2 - NetBIOS Domain Name Format:   APPLECARE\applecareuser1
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