iPod Hi-Fi: How to extend battery life

Use the tips below to extend continuous playback time when using your iPod Hi-Fi with batteries.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
  • Use fresh, name-brand, D-cell batteries.
  • Avoid using batteries labeled "heavy duty".
  • Make sure all six batteries are the same type. Do not mix different battery types (alkaline, NiMH, rechargeable).
  • Nonrechargeable batteries usually give a longer continuous music playback time than rechargeable batteries.
  • Fully charge iPod before using it with iPod Hi-Fi.
  • Play iPod Hi-Fi at lower volume level, minimizing time spent at maximum volume.
  • Avoid using iPod Hi-Fi at extreme temperatures (hot or cold).
  • If the batteries are exposed to extreme temperatures, allow them to cool or warm to room temperature before using.
  • Some generic batteries may not have enough power to run iPod Hi-Fi. You can compare battery strength by comparing the milliamps per hour (mAh) specification of each battery.
  • Connect the iPod Hi-Fi to AC power whenever possible.
  • If you do not plan to use your iPod Hi-Fi for an extended period, you may wish to remove the batteries to extend continuous playback time.
  • Remove your iPod from iPod Hi-Fi when it is not in use.
Published Date: Thu Jan 28 12:12:27 GMT 2016