Mac OS X Server v10.6: How to enable server-side mail rules and vacation messages

Learn how to prepare your mail server so that users can modify server-side mail rules and vacation messages in My Page > Settings.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

You must run the Web service on the Mail server to allow users to modify their server-side mail rules and vacation messages. Once both Web and Mail services are enabled, an administrator needs to enable the following settings in the web service:

  1. In Server Admin -> Web -> Sites -> (select your site) -> Security, turn on SSL and pick a certificate, then save. (For detailed information about certificates and their management, see the Advanced Server Administration guide.
  2. In the Web Services tab, enable "configure server-side mail rules".

Mail rules only work for real users that have access to the Mail service. If controlled via SACLs, they should be enabled to access this service.

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