About the security content of Xsan 2.2

This document describes the security content of Xsan 2.2.

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Xsan 2.2

  • Xsan

    CVE-ID: CVE-2009-2201

    Available for: Mac OS X v10.5.8, Mac OS X Server v10.5.8, Mac OS X v10.6 or later, Mac OS X Server v10.6 or later

    Impact: When screen sharing via the Xsan Admin application, another person viewing the display may see the user's name and password

    Description: Screensharing via the Xsan Admin application could present an error dialog containing the user's name and password. A person who can view the user's display could see the user's credentials in cleartext. The issue is addressed by not embedding credentials in the connection URL. This issue affects only Xsan Admin, and not Xsan Filesystem. Credit to Ben Greisler of Kadimac Corp Macintosh Integrators for reporting this issue.

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