iPod touch: Which iPhone 3.1 Software features does my iPod touch support?

iPhone 3.1.1 Software Update is a paid update offering many new features for all iPod touch models. Features and capabilities vary between iPod touch models, with some features available only on newer models.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

Use this table to determine which features of iPhone 3.1 Software are available for your iPod touch model:

Cut, Copy & Paste
Landscape keyboard
Spotlight search
Parental controls
Shake to shuffle
Peer-to-peer connectivity1 2
Buy movies, TV shows,
audiobooks via Wi-Fi3
Voice Memos  
Stereo Bluetooth4  
Voice Control5    
Universal Access    


  1. Peer-to-peer connectivity requires compatible applications, which can be downloaded from the App Store when available.
  2. The original iPod touch does not support using Bluetooth for peer-to-peer connectivity. It can use Wi-Fi for peer-to-peer connectivity.
  3. Available only in countries in which Movies, TV shows, and audiobooks can be purchased through iTunes.
  4. Requires separate accessory.
  5. Using Voice Memos and Voice Control requires Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic, or a compatible third-party headset or microphone accessory.

For a list of additional features and capabilities available on all iPod touch models, visit iPod touch Software Update. iPhone 3.1.1 Software Update is available for purchase via iTunes.


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