Xsan 2: Xsan Admin Setup Assistant appears when opening Xsan Admin

You may see the Xsan Setup Assistant each time you open Xsan Admin. If you have already configured a SAN or previously connected to an existing SAN, you can avoid the Setup Assistant using the instructions in this article.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

Use one of these methods to avoid seeing the Xsan Setup Assistant each time you open Xsan Admin: 

  • Before quitting Xsan Admin, leave your Xsan Admin windows open. The next time you open Xsan Admin, the same windows will appear.

  • Save your SAN configuration by choosing Save As from Xsan Admin's File menu. The next time you open Xsan Admin by double-clicking the saved file, the same window will appear. If you manage multiple SANs you may save each of them in this way. Once these files have been opened in Xsan Admin, they will be available from the File > Open Recent submenu in Xsan Admin.

    : if your SAN includes a Mac Pro (Early 2009) or Xserve (Early 2009), you will not be able to save a SAN configuration document in Xsan 2.1.1.
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