Numbers ‘09: Importing a document from another application

You can create a new Numbers spreadsheet by importing a document created in Microsoft Excel or AppleWorks 6. Numbers can also import files in comma-separated value (CSV) format, tab-delimited format, and Open Financial Exchange (OFX) format. From AppleWorks, you can import spreadsheets only.

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Here are ways to import a document:

  • Drag the document to the Numbers application icon. A new Numbers spreadsheet opens, and the contents of the imported document are displayed.
  • In Numbers, choose File > Open, select the document, and then click Open.

You can import Address Book data to quickly create tables that contain names, phone numbers, addresses, and other information for your contacts.

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If you can't import a document, try opening the document in another application and saving it in a format Numbers can read, or copy and paste the contents into an existing Numbers spreadsheet.

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