Using the Keynote Remote App

The Keynote Remote app is no longer available in the App Store but is instead included in the Keynote for iOS app. If you are using the older stand-alone Keynote Remote app, use this article. If you are using the newer Keynote Remote within the Keynote for iOS app, see these instructions.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

The Keynote Remote App is not compatible with Keynote for Mac 6.5 or later or Keynote for iOS 2.5 or later.

System Requirements

  • Keynote for iOS or Keynote for Mac
  • iOS 4.2.1 or later installed on any of the following iOS devices:
    • iPhone
    • iPod touch
    • iPad

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Linking Keynote Remote to Your Mac

Keynote Remote must be linked to control your Keynote presentation on your Mac from an iOS device.

Note: Keynote Remote doesn't encrypt its network communication. You shouldn't use Keynote Remote with sensitive slideshows when communicating over an unsecured network.

Follow these steps to link Keynote Remote on your iOS device to your Mac.

  1. Purchase Keynote Remote from the App Store on your iOS device, or from the iTunes Store on a computer. If purchased with iTunes, you must sync the app from a computer to your iOS device.
  2. On your device, choose Settings > Wi-Fi to verify it is on the same wireless network as your computer.

    Note: If you have issues establishing a wireless connection to your computer, see iOS: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections.

  3. On your Mac, open your presentation in Keynote.
  4. Choose Preferences from the Keynote menu and select Remote.
  5. Select the checkbox next to "Enable iPhone and iPod touch Remotes." (This also enables iPad remotes)
  6. On your iOS device, open the Keynote Remote app and then tap the "Link to Keynote" button.
  7. On your iOS device, tap "New Keynote Link" to display a 4-digit passcode.
  8. You should now see your iOS device name in the Preferences pane on your Mac. Click the Link button to the right of your iOS device name.
  9. Enter the passcode displayed on your iOS device.

    Note: You may need to wait for the passcode to register. Don't tap Cancel.

  10. Once the link is established, tap the Done button on your iOS device.

You can now control the slideshow on the computer from the iOS device by tapping Play Slideshow on the iOS device.

Using Keynote Remote

Once you have linked your iOS device to your computer, follow these steps to control your slideshow with Keynote Remote.

Note: Before playing your slideshow, you may want to disable incoming phone calls if you are using Keynote or Keynote Remote on an iPhone.

  1. If it is not already open, open your Keynote presentation.
  2. On your iOS device, open Keynote Remote.

    Note: It may take a few seconds for your iOS device to connect to your computer.

  3. Your iOS device displays the Keynote Remote window. Tap "Play Slideshow:"
  4. Your slideshow appears on your iOS device. Swipe in either direction to move to the next or previous slide.
  5. For more options, tap the Options button on your iOS device to view these options:
    • First Slide: Takes your slideshow back to the first slide.
    • End Show: Ends the slideshow and your iOS device displays the Play Slideshow screen.
    • Settings: Displays the iOS device's Settings pane.

      Note: If you choose "Portrait" mode, you will see the current slide on your iOS device along with any presenter notes you may have if the option to view Presenter Notes is enabled in Settings. If you choose "Landscape" mode, your iOS device displays the current and next slides. However, you cannot view presenter notes in Landscape mode.
    • Cancel: Returns the iOS device display back to the slideshow.

Linking Keynote Remote to Another iOS Device

If you have an iOS device running Keynote, you can control your slideshow from another iOS device (in this example an iPhone and iPad are used).

  1. On your iOS devices, choose Settings > Wi-Fi to verify both iOS devices are on the same wireless network.
  2. On the iPad running Keynote, open your Keynote presentation.
  3. Tap the Tools icon in the toolbar.
  4. In the Tools menu, tap Settings. 
  5. In the Settings menu, tap Remote.
  6. In the Remote Settings menu, turn on Enable Remotes.
  7. On the iPhone, open the Keynote Remote app.
  8. In the iPhone Settings window, tap New Keynote Link.
  9. On the iPad, the name of the iPhone appears in the Remote Settings window; tap Link. 
  10. On the iPad, enter the four digit number that is displayed on the iPhone, and then tap Done.

You can now control the slideshow on the iPad from the iPhone by tapping Play Slideshow on the iPhone.

Using Keynote Remote with Bluetooth

When a Wi-Fi connection is unavailable you can use Keynote Remote with Bluetooth to control your Keynote slideshow from one iOS device to another (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch). However, slides may take longer to appear on Keynote Remote when connected via Bluetooth. You cannot use Keynote Remote via Bluetooth with a Mac. 

The following steps use Keynote Remote on an iPhone to control a Keynote presentation on an iPad via Bluetooth. 

  1. iPhone: Go to Settings > General > Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth ON.
  2. iPad: Go to Settings > General > Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth ON.
  3. iPad: Open a Keynote presentation.
  4. iPhone: Open the Keynote Remote app. If you have previously paired your iPhone or iPad, you can immediately begin to control your slideshow from your iPhone by tapping Play Slideshow. If this is the first time pairing with these iOS devices, refer to the steps in "Linking Keynote Remote to Another iOS Device," above.

    Note: If your iPhone displays the message "No connection available. Both devices must be connected to a Wi-Fi network or have Bluetooth turned on," continue with the steps above because you may still be able to use Keynote Remote with Bluetooth.

You can also use AirPlay to play your presentation from Keynote on your iOS device to an Apple TV. Learn more about using AirPlay.

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