iSight: FireWire connectivity frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Learn about connecting the iSight camera to a FireWire port.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

Question 1: Will a FireWire hub work with my iSight?
Answer: A self-powered FireWire hub--one connected to a power outlet--should work with the iSight. If there are any issues, connect iSight directly to your computer's FireWire port. A bus-powered hub--one only connected to your computer's FireWire port--may not work as expected.

Question 2: Can I connect iSight to a FireWire 800 port?
Answer: You could, but you would need an adapter since the ports do not use the same connector. The iSight is a 400 Mbit/s device and only operates at that speed regardless of the port's speed.

Question 3: What cable should I use with my iSight?
Answer: A FireWire cable is included with iSight. If you need additional cables, the Apple Store sells compatible FireWire cables. Tip: 'thick' cables or plugs that are larger than the port on the iSight may not fit correctly.

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