iMac (Flat Panel): Inserting a CD or DVD Disc

This document explains how to insert a CD or DVD disc into optical drive of the iMac (Flat Panel).

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

Your iMac must be turned on before you insert or eject a disc. To insert a disc:

1. Press the Media Eject key to open the drive tray.

2. Place the disc flat on the tray and press the Media Eject key again to close it. In a moment, the disc's icon appears on your desktop.

Tip: Remove the disc from the drive when you shut down your computer, unless you plan to use it again the next time you work on your computer. The computer will start up faster.

WARNING: Don't move the computer when a disc is in the drive. You could damage the drive.

(This information is gleaned from the Info Center online help system, which is located on your computer's hard disk.)

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