About the eMac VGA port

Learn how to use video mirroring on an eMac using the mini-VGA monitor port.

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The eMac computer has a mini-VGA monitor port located on the right side of the computer. The mini-VGA monitor port is shown highlighted in red (number 1) in the eMac I/O panel.


eMac I/O panel (1 is the mini-VGA monitor port. 2 is the optional modem port.)

The mini-VGA monitor port allows you to use the eMac's video mirroring feature with a compatible VGA monitor. Video mirroring allows the same image on both the built-in display and an external monitor. This feature does not allow you to extend the eMac computer's desktop with the external monitor. An Apple VGA Display Adapter, is available separately from the Apple Store, and is required to plug in a VGA monitor cable to the mini-VGA monitor port.


Apple VGA Display Adapter (M8639G/A)

The Video mirroring feature is 'plug and play'. Simply connect the Apple VGA Display Adapter to the mini-VGA port located on the back of the computer. Then connect your external VGA monitor to the Apple VGA Display Adapter, and turn it on. When connecting the Apple VGA Display Adapter to the computer, the screen may refresh for an instant as the computer reconfigures for video output.

You can use any VGA monitor that is compatible with these resolutions and frequencies:

Resolution (in pixels) Vertical Scan Frequency
640 by 480 138 Hz
800 by 600 112 Hz
1024 by 768 89 Hz
1152 by 864 80 Hz
1280 by 960 72 Hz


You can switch resolutions and frequencies in the Displays pane of System Preferences (Mac OS X), or in the Monitors control panel (Mac OS 9).

For connecting displays that use another type of connector other than VGA, or require a resolution and frequency that is not compatible with the eMac, you can use a third-party scan converter in conjunction with the Apple VGA Display Adapter. To learn which scan converters are available for Macintosh systems, see the Macintosh Products Guide (http://guide.apple.com) for the latest devices.

DVD Player for Mac OS X and Mac OS 9 can play a DVD-Video disc on a display using external video mirroring. The DVD will automatically play on the external VGA display connected to the Apple VGA Display Adapter.

Important: The Apple VGA Display Adapter (M8639G/A) should not be confused with the Apple Video Adapter (M8734G/A). The Apple Video Adapter (M8734G/A) is not compatible with the eMac computer's mini-VGA monitor port.


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