PowerBook G4 to PowerBook G4 (1 GHz/867 MHz): How to Install an AirPort Card

This document explains how to install an AirPort Card in certain PowerBook G4 computers.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

Follow these steps to install an AirPort Card in these PowerBook G4 computers:

  • PowerBook G4
  • PowerBook G4 (Gigabit Ethernet)
  • PowerBook G4 (DVI)
  • PowerBook G4 (1 GHz/867 MHz)


The PowerBook computers listed above only use the AirPort Card. Do not try to install an AirPort Extreme card into these computers as it will damage them.

Later PowerBook G4 computers, including the PowerBook G4 (12-inch) and PowerBook G4 (17-inch), use AirPort Extreme cards.

    1. Shut down the computer.
    2. Disconnect the power adapter, phone cord, and any other cables connected to the computer.
    3. Flip the computer over and remove the battery by sliding the battery release latch, and gently lifting the battery out of the PowerBook.
    Warning: The internal components of your PowerBook may be hot. If you have been using your PowerBook, wait 30 minutes after turning it off to let the internal components cool down before continuing.
    4. Using either a Phillips screwdriver (size 1), or Torx screwdriver (T-8) depending on the type of screws on your PowerBook, remove the screws that secure the bottom case of the PowerBook.
    5. Carefully slide the bottom case toward you and then lift it up.
    6. If your AirPort Card came with the AirPort adapter, remove the metal clip and pull the AirPort Card from the adapter. (The adapter and metal clip are not used with your PowerBook.)
    7. Touch a metal surface inside the computer to discharge any static electricity.
    8. Disconnect the AirPort antenna from its holder.
    9. Position the AirPort Card so you can see the AirPort ID numbers and bar code, then slide the card into the connector. Make sure to slide the card all the way in until you feel that it is securely in the connector.
    10. Connect the AirPort Card to the end of the antenna cable. Make sure that the connector on the end of the antenna cable is straight before inserting it into the card. When it is connected, make sure the end of the antenna cable is secured by the small clip shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1 Inserting the AirPort Card
    11. Fold the plastic tab on the AirPort Card over the top of the card.
    Important: The plastic tab must be folded over the card. If the tab is not folded over, you will not be able to securely attach the bottom case to the computer.
    12. Attach the bottom case to the computer and replace the eight screws. Line up the notches on the right and left sides of the case. Then press down slightly to secure the case. Check the alignment of the eight screw holes to make sure the bottom case is properly positioned.
    13. Replace the battery and turn the computer over.
    14. Reconnect the power adapter and any other cables.


: Wireless Internet access requires an Internet service provider (fees may apply) and AirPort (or AirPort-compatible) wireless Ethernet card and base station. Some ISPs are not compatible with AirPort. For more information, see technical document 106590: "

AirPort: Requirements for Wireless Internet Access".

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