MacBook Air (Original): How to configure your MacBook Air with Setup Assistant

The first time you turn on your MacBook Air, Setup Assistant starts. Setup Assistant helps you enter your Internet information and set up a user account on your MacBook Air. You can also migrate information wirelessly from another Mac during setup.

Note: If you don't use Setup Assistant to transfer information when you first start up your MacBook Air, you can do it later using Migration Assistant. Go to the Applications folder, open Utilities, and double-click Migration Assistant. 

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To set up your MacBook Air:

  1. In the Setup Assistant, follow the onscreen instructions until you get to the "Do You Already Own a Mac?" screen.

  2. Do a basic setup or a setup with migration:

    • To do a basic setup, select "Do not transfer my information now" and click Continue. Follow the remaining prompts to select your wireless network, set up an account, and exit Setup Assistant.

    • To do a setup with migration, first set up another Mac that has an optical disc drive to partner with. Then follow the instructions in this article.

Note: If you've already started Setup Assistant on your MacBook Air, you can leave it mid-process without quitting, move to the other computer to install the DVD or CD Sharing Setup software, then return to your MacBook Air to complete the setup.

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