iPod Radio Remote: Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the frequently asked questions ( FAQ ) regarding the iPod Radio Remote.

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Which iPods support the iPod Radio Remote?

You will need a Fifth Generation iPod or iPod nano with iPod Software version 1.1 or later, which you can install with iPod Updater 2006-01-10 or later. If your iPod has a remote port next to the headphones jack, the supported remote for those models is the Apple iPod Remote.

How does the radio work?

The radio is an FM tuner. Connect the iPod Radio Remote to a Fifth Generation iPod or iPod nano with version 1.1 or later of the iPod Software. Once connected, you will see "Radio" appear on the Music menu. Select Radio, and then you can use the iPod Radio Remote or iPod controls:

  • To seek the next closest stations press and hold Previous or Next.
  • To set a favorite station press and hold the Center button on the Click Wheel.
  • To jump to a favorite station press Previous or Next (You must set favorites directly on the iPod before you can move between them with the remote control.

Where is the antenna? How can I get the best possible radio reception?

The iPod Radio Remote uses your earbuds as an antenna. For best results, connect your earbuds to the headphones port on the iPod Radio Remote and extend/unwrap the earbuds cable completely. If you connect your earbuds to the headphones port on your iPod, the iPod Radio Remote will not be able to recognize it as an antenna.

What if I only hear static when I use the radio?

Make sure you have connected your earbuds the proper way (see above). Try tuning into a known good station. To verify, try tuning another radio into the same station, such as your car or home stereo.

If you still hear only static, confirm that you have the correct Radio Region setting in the Settings menu. Note: You will only see this menu when you have the iPod Radio Remote properly connected (see above).

I live in a country not listed in Settings > Radio Region, so which region should I choose?

Region settings are according to Radio standards, not actual geographic regions. For example, users in China mainland should set the Radio Region to Europe. Note that the Radio Region is preset to the proper setting based on the region in which the iPod was purchased (similar to Video Settings). Check the following table if you're not sure what you should select.

Settings > Radio Region > USA North America
South America
South Korea
200kHz channels
75uS de-emphasis
Settings > Radio Region > Europe China mainland
Middle East
Hong Kong
100kHz channels
50uS de-emphasis
Settings > Radio Region > Japan Japan 76.1-89.9MHz
100kHz channels
50uS de-emphasis

How do I manually tune to a radio station?

To manually tune the radio to a station:

  1. While on the Radio screen, click the Center button on the iPod so the tuning bar is displayed
  2. Use the Click Wheel on the iPod to manually tune to a station.

Note: You cannot manually tune the radio using the remote control.

Can I use the radio with other iPod features?

With the iPod Radio Remote connected, you can set an alarm clock to wake to the station that the iPod Radio Remote is tuned to. If you disconnect the iPod Radio Remote after you've set the alarm sound to Radio, then the alarm sound will be Beep.

You can also use the Sleep Timer to automatically turn off the radio after a certain amount of time.

Although the Time In Title setting does not work with the radio, you can see the time in the Radio display with Fifth Generation iPod. Otherwise, you can view the time in title by pressing the menu button or going to Extras > Clock if you don't have Time in Title turned on.

Will the iPod sleep while the radio is playing?

Just like when the iPod is playing music, when the radio is playing the iPod will not sleep. You can place the iPod into sleep by pressing and holding the Play/Pause button on the remote or on the iPod. If you pause radio playback, the iPod will sleep after two minutes of no user activity.

Does the iPod Radio Remote get power from the iPod?

Because the iPod Radio Remote is powered by the iPod itself — no extra batteries required — using the FM radio will reduce battery life.

How can I tell if the radio is playing?

When the radio is playing the Power Indicator icon will be displayed in the top left-hand corner.

When the radio is playing the Now Playing menu item is not added to the Main menu.

Does the radio on the iPod Radio Remote support RDS (Radio Data System)?

Yes, the radio on the iPod Radio Remote supports RDS. Check with your radio station to confirm they are using RDS. For more information on RDS click here.

RDS features supported:

  • USA displays program service name (PS).
  • Europe displays radio text (RT).
  • Japan displays no RDS.

While RDS is capable of broadcasting the date/time, the iPod Radio Remote will not set the clock of an iPod. To set your iPod clock, sync it with iTunes on a Mac or PC with the correct date/time.

What does the Hold switch on the the iPod Radio Remote do?

The Hold switch on the remote only disables or enables the controls on the remote. To disable or enable the controls on the iPod, use its Hold switch.

Can I change playlists with the remote?

No. You can use the remote to control the FM tuner and music playback on the iPod (play, pause, next, previous, fast-forward, rewind, volume up, volume down, place iPod into sleep, and wake iPod). You cannot use the remote to change playlists or navigate the menus. The remote does not have a Menu button, Select button, or Click Wheel, which are needed to navigate the iPod menus.

Are there ways that the iPod Radio Remote is not supported with an iPod?

  • In iTunes, you can adjust the volume of a particular song 100 percent, and when you sync to an iPod, the iPod adjusts the volume of that song accordingly. This setting is ignored when you listen to the iPod through the iPod Radio Remote. If you need this feature while listening to songs synced from iTunes, connect your earbuds through the headphone port on your iPod instead of the iPod Radio Remote.
  • The iPod AV Cable is not supported when connected to the iPod Radio Remote. To use the iPod AV Cable, connect it to the headphones port on the iPod. You can use the iPod AV Cable and the iPod Radio Remote together this way.
  • To use the iPod Radio Remote, connect it directly to Fifth Generation iPod or iPod nano. the iPod Radio Remote is not supported if you connect it a different way, such as connecting the iPod Radio Remote to a dock and then putting Fifth Generation iPod or iPod nano into the dock.
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