Mac OS X: About the Mac OS X 10.2.8 Update

This software updates Mac OS X 10.2.6 or 10.2.7 to version 10.2.8.

Important: This update does not work with Power Mac G5 computers. For information about Mac OS X 10.2.8 for Power Mac G5 computers, please see technical document 25576, "Mac OS X 10.2.8, G5: About the Mac OS X 10.2.8 (G5) Update".

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Important: Read Before Installing

1. You may experience unexpected results if you have installed third-party system software modifications, or if you have modified the operating system through other means. This precautionary statement does not apply to the normal installation of application software.

2. To install Mac OS X 10.2.8, you must enter the password for an administrator account. The password cannot contain a space or special characters typed by pressing the Option key.

If you need to change an administrator account password, choose Apple menu > System Preferences; then choose View > Accounts. Select the account name and click Edit User. Type the current password and press Return, then type the new password in both text boxes. Click OK when you are done.

3. The installation process should not be interrupted. Monitor progress by clicking the Detailed Progress disclosure triangle. If a power outage or other interruption occurs during installation, use the standalone installer (see below) from Apple Featured Software to install.

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There are two ways to update to Mac OS X 10.2.8.

Software Update Installation

You may have been referred to this document by Software Update. For more information on this feature, see "Mac OS X: How to Update Your Software".

Because some updates are prerequisites for others, you may need to use Software Update more than once to get all available updates.

Standalone Installers

Standalone installers are available from Apple Downloads. For example, you can go there and search on "10.2.8" to find the standalone installers. You don't need to use one of these if you have already used Software Update to install.

Two versions of the standalone update installer are available:


These are some of the enhancements that are part of Mac OS X 10.2.8 Update:

  • Windows on external displays connected to some PowerBook computers are drawn better.
  • The Bluetooth menu bar item works better when a Bluetooth USB adapter is disconnected and reconnected.
  • Addresses a situation in which an external FireWire storage device would not become available (mount) and this message would appear: "A disk attempting to mount as 'unknown' has failed. Please use Disk Utility to check the disk."
  • Addresses an issue in which some Bluetooth devices may not be available after the computer wakes from sleep.
  • Addresses an issue in which some Bluetooth keyboards may show a delayed response when you press a key after the computer wakes from sleep.
  • Addresses an issue in which some iBook computers could make a clicking sound when using Mac OS X 10.2.5 or 10.2.6.
  • Reduces a potential delay when removing some devices from the Bluetooth pairing list.
  • Addresses a potential issue in which an audio application can unexpectedly quit when a USB- or FireWire-based audio device is disconnected.
  • Bluetooth preferences correctly displays the Bluetooth menu bar item's status if the item was enabled elsewhere.
  • Includes several enhancements for Safari.
  • Includes support for USB 2.0 devices, including PCI and PC cards for computers that do not include USB 2.0 hardware.
  • Includes several security enhancements. For detailed information, see Apple Security Updates.
  • Includes an updated Ethernet driver for 450 MHz and 500 MHz dual processor Power Mac G4 desktop computers.
  • Updates the battery status menu for portable computers.
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