Apple Keyboard (2007): New key placement and functionality

The aluminum Apple Keyboard (2007) has several new features. One of the most noticeable changes is that it includes additional media keys and newly-labeled keys for Exposé and Dashboard.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

  • F7 - Previous track
  • F8 - Play/Pause
  • F9 - Next track
  • F10 - Mute
  • F11 - Volume down
  • F12 - Volume up

Brightness controls have moved from F14 and F15 to F1 and F2 respectively.

Dashboard is now accessible from the F4 key.

Additionally, the Exposé key is now F3 and has expanded functions:

  • Pressing the Exposé key - Exposé (all windows)
  • Pressing Ctrl+Exposé key - Exposé (application windows)
  • Pressing Cmd+Exposé key - Exposé (desktop)

The Command key is now labeled "command."

To access the F keys as function keys (F1-F12), the keyboard now includes the Function modifier key (Fn). Press and hold this key while pressing a function key, F1 through F12, to use it as function key. F5 and F6 are exceptions; they are not dual-purpose keys and do not require the function key.

Note that the Eject key is now directly over the delete key.

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