Apple TV: Initial Configuration

Apple TV helps you select and configure your wireless network connection, and, if you want to watch or listen to the content in your iTunes library, connect to iTunes on your computer.

This article assumes Apple TV has already been connected to your TV. If you need help in connecting Apple TV to your TV or home theatre, please see Apple TV: Connecting the Cables.

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1. Network Configuration

Have your network password (if you use one) and your Apple Remote handy to configure your Apple TV. Make sure there are no obstructions between the remote and Apple TV. Read more about using and troubleshooting the Apple Remote.

If you:

  • Use a wired Ethernet network to connect, Apple TV automatically detects your network.
  • Use a wireless network to connect, Apple TV helps you select and configure your network connection.

Connecting to Your Wireless Network

Apple TV will help you connect to your wireless network. If you use a password to access your network, have it ready. Use the Apple Remote to:

  • Select your network from the list, or enter your network name if the network is hidden.
  • Enter your password (if you have one).
  • Enter your IP address, subnet mask, router, and DNS address (if you’re manually configuring your network).

If you don’t connect using DHCP, you may have to enter your IP address, subnet mask, router, and DNS addresses.

To finish the network connection, follow the onscreen instructions.


2. Connecting to iTunes

To access the content in your iTunes library on Apple TV, you need iTunes 7.6 or later installed on your computer.

Updating Your iTunes Software

You can download the latest version of iTunes at

On a Mac, you can also use Software Update to update to the latest version of iTunes.

To use Software Update, choose Apple > Software Update.

To use iTunes 7.6 on a Mac, you need to update your system software to Mac OS X v10.3.9, or v10.4.7 or later, and update to QuickTime 7.4 or later.

On a Windows-based computer, you can also go to iTunes Help to update to the latest version of iTunes. Open iTunes, and then choose Help > Check for Updates.

To use iTunes 7.6 on a Windows-based computer, you need to be running Windows XP or later.

Pairing with iTunes

After you set up your network connection, your TV screen displays a five-digit passcode, which you'll need to enter in iTunes to sync or stream content from your computer to Apple TV.

To set up Apple TV with your iTunes library:

  1. Open iTunes on your computer.
  2. Select the Apple TV icon with "Click to set up" next to it in the Devices list.
  3. Enter the 5-digit passcode from your TV screen.

After you enter your passcode, you can name your Apple TV and set up iTunes to manage your content.

For more information about iTunes, open iTunes and choose Help > iTunes Help.

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