iMac: AirPort- and AirPort Extreme-Ready Models

This document describes which iMac computers use AirPort Cards and which iMac computers use AirPort Extreme Cards.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

See the following table for which models of iMac use which card:

iMac (Slot Loading) AirPort 3
iMac (Summer 2000) AirPort 1, 2, 3
iMac (Early 2001) AirPort 3
iMac (Summer 2001) AirPort 2, 3
iMac (Flat Panel) AirPort  
iMac (17-inch Flat Panel) AirPort  
iMac (17-inch 1GHz) AirPort Extreme  
iMac (USB 2.0) AirPort Extreme  
iMac G5 (All models) AirPort Extreme  
  1. iMac (Summer 2000): Indigo 350 MHz model is not wireless capable.
  2. The parenthetical product descriptions (Summer 2000) and (Summer 2001) refer to the summer of the Northern Hemisphere.
  3. This model requires an AirPort Card Adapter, part M8753G/A, to use an AirPort Card. The AirPort Card Adapter is not compatible with the AirPort Extreme Card.

For more information on Apple computers using AirPort Extreme technology or AirPort technology, see technical documents:
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