Mac OS System Error Codes: -299 to -5553

The following list provides an explanation of system errors -299 to -5553. This document applies to Mac OS 9 and earlier.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.


    1. Items listed in [brackets] are old result code meanings.

    2. ???? This information was not available.

Notification Manager Error

-299 nmTypErr Invalid qType*must be ORD(nmType)

Start Manager Errors

-290 smSDMInitErr SDM could not be initialized.
-291 smSRTInitErr Slot Resource Table could not be initialized.
-292 smPRAMInitErr Slot Resource Table could not be initialized.
-293 smPriInitErr Cards could not be initialized.
-300 smEmptySlot No card in slot
-301 smCRCFail CRC check failed for declaration data
-302 smFormatErr FHeader Format is not Apple's
-303 smRevisionErr Wrong revision level
-304 smNoDir Directory offset is Nil
-305 smLWTstBad Long Word test field <> $5A932BC7.
-306 smNosInfoArray No sInfoArray. Memory Mgr error.
-307 smResrvErr Fatal reserved error. Reserved field <> 0.
-308 smUnExBusErr Unexpected Bus Error
-309 smBLFieldBad ByteLanes field was bad.
-310 smFHBlockRdErr Error occurred during _sGetFHeader.
-311 smFHBlkDispErr Error occurred during _sDisposePtr (Dispose of FHeader block).
-312 smDisposePErr _DisposePointer error
-313 smNoBoardsRsrc No Board sResource.
-314 smGetPRErr Error occurred during _sGetPRAMRec (See SIMStatus).
-315 smNoBoardId No Board Id.
-316 smIntStatVErr The InitStatusV field was negative after primary or secondary init.
-317 smIntTblVErr An error occurred while trying to initialize the Slot Resource Table.
-318 smNoJmpTbl SDM jump table could not be created.
-319 smBadBoardId BoardId was wrong, re-init the PRAM record.
-320 smBusErrTO BusError time out.
-330 smBadRefId Reference Id not found in list
-331 smBadsList Bad sResource [sList] structure: Id1
-332 smReservedErr Reserved field not zero
-333 smCodeRevErr Code revision is wrong
-334 smCPUErr Code revision is wrong
-335 smsPointerNil LPointer is nil {From sOffsetData. If this error occurs, check sInfo rec for more information.}
-336 smNilsBlockErr Nil sBlock error {Don't allocate and try to use a nil sBlock}
-337 smSlotOOBErr Slot out of bounds error
-338 smSelOOBErr Selector out of bounds error; function not implemented
-339 smNewPErr _NewPtr error
-340 smBlkMoveErr _BlockMove error
-341 smCkStatusErr Status of slot = fail.
-342 smGetDrvrNamErr Error occurred during _sGetDrvrName.
-343 smDisDrvrNamErr Error occurred during _sDisDrvrName.
-344 smNoMoresRsrcs No more sResources *OR*
-344 smNoMoresResources Specified sResource data structure not found
-345 smsGetDrvrErr Error occurred during _sGetDriver.
-346 smBadsPtrErr Bad pointer was passed to sCaldSPointer function
-347 smByteLanesErr ByteLanes field in card's format block was determined to be zero
-348 smOffsetErr Offset was too big (temporary, should be fixed)
-349 smNoGoodOpens No opens were successful in the loop.
-350 smSRTOvrFlErr SRT over flow.
-351 smRecNotFnd Record not found in the SRT.

Device Manager Slot Support Errors

-360 slotNumErr invalid slot # error
-400 gcrOnMFMErr gcr format on high density media error

Edition Manager Errors

-450 editionMgrInitErr Manager not initialized or could not load package
-451 badSectionErr Not a valid section type
-452 notRegisteredSectionErr Not registered
-454 badSubPartErr Bad edition container spec or invalid edition container
-460 multiplePublisherWrn Already is a publisher
-461 containerNotFoundWrn Alias was not resolved
-463 notThePublisherWrn Not the publisher

SCSI Manager Errors

-470 scsiBadPBErr invalid field(s) in the parameter block
-471 scsiOverrunErr attempted to transfer too many bytes
-472 scsiTransferErr write flag conflicts with data transfer phase
-473 scsiBusTOErr bus error during transfer
-474 scsiSelectTOErr scsiSelTO exceeded (selection failed)
-475 scsiTimeOutErr scsiReqTO exceeded
-476 scsiBusResetErr the bus was reset, so your request was aborted
-477 scsiBadStatus non-zero (not "Good") status returned
-478 scsiNoStatusErr device did not go through a status phase
-479 scsiLinkFailErr linked command never executed
-489 scsiUnimpVctErr unimplemented routine was called

SysErrs used instead of inline $A9FF & $ABFF

-490 userBreak user debugger break
-491 strUserBreak user debugger break - display string on stack
-492 exUserBreak user debugger break - execute commands on stack

QuickDraw Error

-500 rgnTooBigErr Bitmap would convert into a region greater than 64 KB

Text Edit Error

-501 teScrapSizeErr scrap item too big for text edit record

O/S Error

-502 hwParamrErr bad selector for _HWPriv

Processes Errors

-600 procNotFound No eligible process with specified process serial number
-601 memFragErr Not enough room to launch application with special requirements
-602 appModeErr Memory mode is 32-bit, but application is not 32-bit clean
-603 protocolErr app made module calls in improper order
-604 hardwareConfigErr hardware configuration not correct for call
-605 appMemFullErr Partition size specified in 'SIZE' resource is not big enough for launch
-606 appIsDaemon Application is background-only
-607 bufferIsSmall Buffer is too small
-608 noOutstandingHLE No outstanding high-level event
-609 connectionInvalid Connection is invalid
-610 noUserInteractionAllowed Attempted PostHighLevelEvent from background and no session yet established

Memory Dispatch Errors

-620 notEnoughMemoryErr Insufficient physical memory
-621 notHeldErr Specified range of memory is not held
-622 cannotMakeContiguousErr Cannot make specified range contiguous
-623 notLockedErr Specified range of memory is not locked
-624 interruptsMaskedErr Called with interrupts masked

DatabaseAccess (Pack 13) Errors

-800 rcDBNull The data item was NULL
-801 rcDBValue Data available or successfully retrieved
-802 rcDBError Error executing function
-803 rcDBBadType Next data item not of requested data type
-804 rcDBBreak Function timed out
-805 rcDBExec Query currently executing
-806 reDBBadSessID Session ID is invalid
-807 rcDBBadSessNum Invalid session number
-808 rcDBBadDDEV Couldn't find the specified database extension, or error occurred in opening database extension
-809 rcDBAsyncNotSupp The database extension does not support asynchronous calls
-810 rcDBBadAsyncPB Invalid parameter block specified
-811 rcDBNoHandler There is no handler for this data type installed for the current application
-812 rcDBWrongVersion Wrong version number

Help Manager Errors

-850 hmHelpDisabled Help balloons are not enabled
-851 hmResNotFound ????
-852 hmMemFullErr ????
-853 hmBalloonAborted Because of constant cursor movement, the help balloon wasn't displayed
-854 hmSameAsLastBalloon Menu and item are same as previous menu and item
-855 hmHelpManagerNotInited Help menu not set up
-856 hmBadSelector ????
-857 hmSkippedBalloon No balloon content to fill in
-858 hmWrongVersion Wrong version of Help Manager resource
-859 hmUnknownHelpType Help message record contained a bad type
-860 hmCouldNotLoadPackage ????
-861 hmOperationUnsupported Bad method parameter
-862 hmNoBalloonUp No balloon showing
-863 hmCloseViewActive User using CloseView won't let you remove balloon

AppleTalk * PPC Toolbox Errors

-900 notInitErr PPC Toolbox has not been initialized yet
-902 nameTypeErr Invalid or inappropriate locationKindSelector in location name
-903 noPortErr Invalid port name; Unable to open port or bad port reference number
-904 noGlobalsErr System unable to allocate memory, critical error
-905 localOnlyErr Network activity is currently disabled
-906 destPortErr Port does not exist at destination
-907 sessTableErr PPC Toolbox is unable to create a session
-908 noSessionErr Invalid session reference number
-909 badReqErr Bad parameter or invalid state for this operation
-910 portNameExistsErr Another port is already open with this name
-911 noUserNameErr User name unknown on destination machine
-912 userRejectErr Destination rejected the session request
-915 noResponseErr Unable to contact application
-916 portClosedErr The port was closed
-917 sessClosedErr The session has closed
-919 badPortNameErr PPC port record is invalid
-922 noDefaultUserErr User has not specified owner name in Sharing Setup control panel
-923 notLoggedInErr Default user reference number does not yet exist
-924 noUserRefErr Unable to create a new user reference number
-925 networkErr An error has occurred in the network
-926 noInformErr PPCStart failed because target application did not have an inform pending
-927 authFailErr User's password is wrong
-928 noUserRecErr Invalid user reference number
-930 badServiceMethodErr Service method is other than ppcServiceRealTime
-931 badLocNameErr Location name is invalid
-932 guestNotAllowedErr Destination port requires authentication

AppleTalk - NBP Errors

-1024 nbpBuffOvr Buffer overflow in LookupName
-1025 nbpNoConfirm Name not confirmed on ConfirmName
-1026 nbpConfDiff Name confirmed at different socket
-1027 nbpDuplicate Duplicate name exists already
-1028 nbpNotFound Name not found on remove

ASP Errors (XPP driver)

-1066 BadVersNum Server cannot support this
-1067 BufTooSmall Buffer too small
-1068 NoMoreSess No more sessions on server
-1069 NoServers No servers at that address
-1070 ParamErr Parameter error
-1071 ServerBusy Server cannot open another session
-1072 SessClosed Session closed
-1073 SizeErr Command block too big
-1074 TooMany Too many clients (server error)

AppleTalk - ATP Errors

-1096 reqFailed Request to contact router failed: retry count exceeded
-1097 tooManyReqs Too many concurrent requests
-1098 tooManySkts Too many concurrent responding-sockets
-1099 badATPSkt Bad ATP-responding socket
-1100 badBuffNum Bad response buffer number specified
-1101 noRelErr No release received
-1102 cbNotFound Control Block not found; no pending asynchronous calls
-1103 noSendResp AddResponse issued without SendResponse
-1104 noDataArea No data area for request to MPP

Data Stream Protocol - DSP driver Errors

-1273 errOpenDenied Open request denied by recipient
-1274 errDSPQueueSize Send or receive queue is too small
-1275 errFwdReset Read terminated by forward reset
-1276 errAttention Attention message too long
-1277 errOpening Attempt to open connection failed
-1278 errState Bad connection state for this operation
-1279 errAborted Request aborted by dspRemove or dspClose function

HFS Errors

-1300 fidNotFound File ID not found [No file thread exists]
-1301 fidExists File id already exists
-1302 notAFileErr Specified file is a directory
-1303 diffVolErr Files on different volumes
-1304 catChangedErr Catalog has changed and CatPosition may be invalid
-1305 desktopDamagedErr The desktop database has become corrupted * the Finder will fix this, but if your application is not running with the Finder, use DTReset or DTDelete

AppleEvent Errors

-1700 errAECoercionFail Data could not be coerced to the requested descriptor type
-1701 errAEDescNotFound Descriptor record was not found
-1702 errAECorruptData Data in an Apple event could not be read
-1703 errAEWrongDataType Wrong descriptor type
-1704 errAENotAEDesc Not a valid descriptor record
-1705 errAEBadListItem Operation involving a list item failed
-1706 errAENewerVersion Need a newer version of the Apple Event Manager
-1707 errAENotAppleEvent Event is not an Apple event
-1708 errAEEventNotHandled Event wasn't handled by an Apple event handler
-1709 errAEReplyNotValid AEResetTimer was passed an invalid reply
-1710 errAEUnknownSendMode Invalid sending mode was passed
-1711 errAEWaitCanceled User canceled out of wait loop for reply or receipt
-1712 errAETimeout Apple event timed out
-1713 errAENoUserInteraction No user interaction allowed
-1714 errAENotASpecialFunction Wrong keyword for a special function
-1715 errAEParamMissed Handler did not get all required parameters
-1716 errAEUnknownAddressType Unknown Apple event address type
-1717 errAEHandlerNotFound No handler found for an Apple event or a coercion
-1718 errAEReplyNotArrived Reply has not yet arrived

AppleTalk - ATP Errors

-3101 buf2SmallErr Packet too large for buffer; partial data returned
-3102 noMPPErr No MPP error
-3103 ckSumErr Check sum error
-3104 extractErr Extraction error
-3105 readQErr Read queue error
-3106 atpLenErr ATP length error
-3107 atpBadRsp ATP bad response error
-3108 recNotFnd Record not found
-3109 sktClosedErr Socket closed error

Print Manager w/LaserWriter

-4096 ??? No free Connect Control Blocks available
-4097 ??? Bad connection reference number
-4098 ??? Request already active
-4099 ??? Write request too big
-4100 ??? Connection just closed
-4101 ??? Printer not found, or closed

File Manager Extensions Errors

-5000 accessDenied Incorrect access for this file/folder
-5006 DenyConflict Permission/Deny mode conflicts with the current mode in which this fork is already open
-5015 NoMoreLocks Byte range locking failure from Server
-5020 RangeNotLocked Attempt to unlock an already unlocked range

AFP Errors (XPP driver)

-5000 afpAccessDenied AFP Access denied
-5001 afpAuthContinue AFP Authorization continue
-5002 afpBadUAM AFP Bad UAM
-5003 afpBadVersNum AFP Bad version number
-5004 afpBitmapErr AFP Bit map error
-5005 afpCantMove AFP Can't move error
-5006 afpDenyConflict AFP Deny conflict
-5007 afpDirNotEmpty AFP Dir not empty
-5008 afpDiskFull AFP Disk full
-5009 afpEofError AFP End-of-File error
-5010 afpFileBusy AFP File busy
-5011 afpFlatVo AFP Flat volume
-5012 afpItemNotFound AFP Information not found
-5013 afpLockErr AFP Lock error
-5014 afpMiscErr AFP Misc error
-5015 afpNoMoreLocks AFP No more locks
-5016 afpNoServer AFP No server
-5017 afpObjectExists AFP Object already exists
-5018 afpObjectNotFound AFP Object not found
-5019 afpParmErr AFP Parm error
-5020 afpRangeNotLocked AFP Range not locked
-5021 afpRangeOverlap AFP Range overlap
-5022 afpSessClosed AFP Session closed
-5023 afpUserNotAuth AFP User not authorized
-5024 afpCallNotSupported AFP Call not supported
-5025 afpObjectTypeErr AFP Object type error
-5026 afpTooManyFilesOpen AFP Too many files open
-5027 afpServerGoingDown AFP Server going down
-5028 afpCantRename AFP Can't rename
-5029 afpDirNotFound AFP Directory not found
-5030 afpIconTypeError Size of new icon and one it replaces don't match
-5031 afpVolLocked Volume is Read-Only
-5032 afpObjectLocked The specified command could not be completed because the object is locked.
-5033 afpContainsSharedErr The specified share point contains a share point.
-5034 afpIDNotFound The specified ID could not be found.
-5035 afpIDExists The specified ID already exists.
-5036 afpDiffVolErr Equivalent to the Mac OS error code.
-5037 afpCatalogChanged The catalog has changed and CatPosition may be invalid. No matches were returned.
-5038 afpSameObjectErr EEquivalent to the Mac OS error code.
-5039 afpBadIDErr The specified ID is invalid.
-5040 afpPwdSameErr The new password is the same as the old password.
-5041 afpPwdTooShortErr The specified password is too short.
-5042 afpPwdExpiredErr The password has expired.
-5043 afpInsideSharedErr The specified directory is inside a share point.
-5044 afpInsideTrashErr The specified directory is in the Trash.
-5045 afpPwdNeedsChangeErr The password needs to be changed the first time the user logs on.
-5046 afpPwdPolicyErr The specified password violates a UAM's policy.
-5047 afpAlreadyLoggedOn The specified user is already logged on.

SysEnvirons Errors

-5500 envNotPresent SysEnvirons trap not present--returned by glue.
-5501 envBadVers Version non-positive
-5502 envVersTooBig Version bigger than call can handle

Gestalt Errors

-5550 gestaltUnknownErr Could not obtain the response
-5551 gestaltUndefSelectorErr Undefined selector
-5552 gestaltDupSelectorErr Selector already exists
-5553 gestaltLocationErr Function not in system heap
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