Mac OS X 10.4: How to sync with .Mac and connected devices

In Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger you can sync contacts, calendars, Mail data, and other information between devices (such as a mobile phone or Palm device) using iSync version 2.0, and other computers through .Mac Sync.

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To make sync access more convenient, you can add a Sync Status menu () to the menu bar. To do this, open either iSync preferences or .Mac Sync preferences and select the "View sync status in the menu bar" checkbox.

Once the menu appears in your menu bar, you can sync information with all your connected devices and .Mac by simply choosing Sync Now from the Sync Status menu. However, please note that this will only sync information with a connected iPod (if you have one) and .Mac unless iSync is also open.


    iPod tip: Mac OS X 10.4 syncs calendars and contacts to an iPod if it's connected and you choose Sync Now from the Sync Status menu. iSync does not have to be open.
    Phone tip: To sync with any phone that's been configured in iSync, the iSync application must be open to sync to it via Sync Now from the Sync Status menu. In other words, if you set up a mobile phone in iSync, you will not be able to sync information with it from the Sync Status menu if iSync is not open.
    PalmOS device tip: If you're using a Palm OS-based device that you've configured in iSync, you will be prompted to press the HotSync button on the device, or its cradle or cable.

To sync everything at the same time

If you have .Mac, mobile devices, an iPod, and a PalmOS device and want to sync them at the same time, here's how: Open iSync version 2.0, then choose Sync Now from the Sync Status menu (not the Sync Devices button). When prompted, press the HotSync button on your PalmOS device's cradle.

Tip: If you resolve any sync conflicts during the sync, you may need to sync a second time in order to get current information to all devices.

Comparing the Sync Now menu choice to the iSync Sync Devices button

Please note that the Sync Devices button in iSync version 2.0 is different from the Sync Now menu item.

    The Sync Devices button only syncs data with the devices configured in iSync (excluding Palm OS devices).
    The Sync Now function syncs data with .Mac, an iPod, and (if iSync is open) other connected devices (also excluding Palm OS devices).

If iSync version 2.0 isn't open, the Sync Now function will still sync information with .Mac and an iPod, but not any mobile phones you've configured in iSync. Therefore, if you don't have any other devices other than an iPod, you can simply use the Sync Now function without ever having to use iSync to sync.

Tip: If you have other devices and want the convenience of using the Sync Now function without having to open iSync first, add iSync to your login items (in System Preferences, click Account, and click the Login Items tab) to have it open automatically whenever you log in to your computer.

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