How to make your own movie with iMovie

Create a project, add content like photos, videos, music, dialogue, and sound effects, then edit your project and add video effects. When you're ready, share your finished movie with friends and family, export to watch it on a variety of devices, or share it on social media.


Trim and arrange videos and photos

Add music and sound effects

iMovie includes built-in soundtrack music and sound effects that you can use in your iMovie project—in addition to or in place of the sound recorded with your video clips. Learn how to add music, sound effects, and adjust the audio levels in your movie.


Add text and titles

Add text to video clips or photos, create a title sequence, and add end credits to your movie. Learn how to add text to your project.


Change the look of your movie

Change the way your movie looks with effects like video filters, color adjustment tools, and the Ken Burns effect. You can also record video in front of a green or blue screen, then use the green-screen effect in iMovie to change the background of your video.


Share or export your movie

Send your finished movie to friends and family, export it to watch it on other devices, or share it on social media. Learn how to share or export your movie.


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