Use Night mode on your iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro

Use the Night Mode features on your iPhone to automatically capture photos when the camera detects low-light.

You can use Night mode on these devices with iOS 13 or later: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Take low-light photos with Night mode

Night mode automatically turns on when the camera detects a low-light environment. The Night mode icon  at the top of the display turns yellow when the feature is active. Depending on how dark the scene is, your iPhone might take a Night mode photo quickly, or it might take several seconds. You can also adjust your exposure setting.

For the best results, hold your iPhone steady until the capture completes. Try placing your iPhone on a solid and secure surface, or use a tripod to increase stability and control of the exposure clarity.

With iOS 14, if your iPhone detects movement when you're trying to capture a photo, you can align the crosshairs in the frame to help you stay steady and improve the shot. To interrupt a Night mode photo mid-capture rather than waiting for the capture to finish, just tap the stop button below the slider.

Night mode is available when you use the 1x camera.

Adjust the capture time

When you take a photo in Night mode, a number appears next to the Night mode icon to indicate how long the shot will take.

To try longer Night mode photos, tap the Night mode icon. Then use the slider above the shutter button to choose Max, which extends the capture time. When you take the photo, the slider becomes a timer that counts down to the end of the capture time.

Turn on Live Photos and flash

When your iPhone is in Night mode, Live Photos and the flash aren't active. You can turn these features on manually. Keep in mind that turning on Live Photos or the flash deactivates Night mode.

If you have Flash set to Auto, it turns on automatically in low-light situations. To turn on Flash manually, tap the arrow  above the viewfinder. Tap the Flash button  that appears below the viewfinder, then select On.

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