Use picture-in-picture on your Apple TV with the Apple TV app

Can't decide what to watch? Use picture-in-picture viewing to play two videos at once, or browse the Apple TV app while a video plays in the corner of your screen.

Picture-in-picture is available on Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD with the latest tvOS

Turn on picture-in-picture

  1. Play a movie or TV show in the Apple TV app. 
  2. Tap the Touch surface on your Siri remote to bring up the video timeline.
  3. Swipe up on the Touch surface to highlight , then click the Touch surface to select it. If you don't see , you're not in the Apple TV app and picture-in-picture isn't supported. 
  4. The video will shrink to the bottom-right corner of your screen.

To watch another video in full screen while your video window plays in the corner, find something else to watch in the Apple TV app and just click play.  

The Apple TV app isn't available in all countries or regions. See if the Apple TV app is available in your country or region

Control your video window

Press Apple TV App/Home  on your Siri remote to show the picture-in-picture options menu. Use the Touch surface to swipe between options. 

Select Full-screen to move your video window back to its full size.

Highlight Move, then click the Touch surface until the video window is in the corner that you want.

Click Close if you're finished watching your video.

Press Play/Pause  on your Siri remote to start or stop playing content in your video window while you are in the picture-in-picture options menu. 

When you're done making changes to the video window, press Menu on your Siri remote to continue watching in picture-in-picture mode. 



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