How to send your Beats headphones to Apple for repair in the Asia-Pacific region

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We’re sorry your Beats headphones aren’t working as they should.

After you’ve contacted Apple for service:

  • You'll be provided with a link to a shipping label to print at home. You'll return your defective Beats headphones to Apple using the shipping label.
  • In New Zealand, you’ll receive a kit that contains everything you need to return your defective Beats headphones to Apple.

Pack your Beats headphones using the included packaging materials

Customers in Australia may proceed to the ship your Beats headphones to Apple section.

  1. Put your Beats headphones in the plastic bag. Don't include any accessories with your headphones (including cables, carabiners, or carrying cases). If you include extra items in the box, we won't be able to return them to you.
  2. Slip the bag under the protective film attached to the cardboard insert.
  3. Fold down the filmed sides of the insert.
  4. Fold up the other sides of the insert.
  5. Place the insert into the box. Then, close the box.
  6. Peel off the protective tape and place it on the box as shown.

Ship your Beats headphones to Apple

Select your country or region:


  1. Print the shipping label that Apple provided when you requested service.
  2. Take your shipping label and unpackaged Beats headphones to Australia Post. To find your nearest Australia Post Office, visit:
  3. Australia Post will package your Beats headphones and provide you a receipt to confirm the lodgment of the part return. Please keep your receipt.
  4. In a few days, check that Apple has received your defective Beats headphones.

New Zealand

  1. Remove the TNT shipping label from the box. Next to the barcode on the shipping label, look for the consignment number, which begins with “GE.” Make a note of the number. 
  2. Put the packaged Beats headphones in the TNT satchel and seal the satchel.*
  3. Place the shipping label in the satchel’s clear plastic pocket. 

To arrange a collection, either: 

  • Write an email
    1. Use the subject line “Apple collection - Beats headphones” followed by the TNT consignment number.  
    2. Include in the email message: That you are using a prepaid satchel on account number 320792, whether your collection address is a residence or a business, and your contact phone number.
    3. Send the email to


  • Call TNT Customer Service on 0800 275 868 and provide all the information in step 2 of “Write an email” above.

TNT will provide the booking reference number and collection date in response to your email or phone call.

Your Beats headphones will be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. Check the status of your service request.

*Apple is not responsible for any damage during shipping if the package is not properly sealed or is delivered to the courier in poor condition.

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