Build your reputation and get rewarded in the community

Explore and participate at Apple Support Communities to earn points, levels, and awards.


When you’re active in Apple Support Communities, you can earn points to grow your reputation as a trusted peer. Here’s what you can do to earn points and how many points you’ll get.

Activity Points awarded
Your question is marked as "I have this question too." 1 point (once per day)
You learn about Apple Support Communities. 4 points, one time only
You read a User Tip. 4 points, one time only
You start a discussion. 4 points, one time only
You reply to another member's discussion. 4 points, one time only
Your answer is marked as "Helpful" by the original poster. 5 points
Your answer is marked as "Helpful" by 5 or more community members (not the original poster). 5 points
Your answer is recommended by Apple (marked as "Apple recommended"). 7 points
You upload your custom avatar (Be Yourself award for Level 3 users and above). 8 points, one time only
Your answer is marked as "This solved my question" by the original poster. 10 points
You attend a Communities conference call (for Level 4 users and above). 10 points (each time)
Your User Tip is liked (for Level 5 users and above). 10 points (once per User Tip)
You attend a Communities meet up (for Level 6 users and above). 25 points (each time)

Levels and perks

Here’s a list of all the perks you can earn at each user level.

Level Points Perks you earn
1 0 Welcome! Start by exploring the community. Get your Learn badge and your Discover badge.
Help members and earn points to get closer to Level 2.
2 150 Report a discussion or answer that is off topic, inappropriate, or offensive. This option is available to make sure the community is a great place to learn.
3 500 Upload a custom avatar. Your avatar is the image that represents you in the community.


1,000 Attend exclusive conference calls with the Apple Support Communities team. Get exclusive news from Apple.
Earn more features for your My Subscriptions view.
5 4,000 Create User Tips to share your valuable knowledge about Apple Products.


8,000 Access The Lounge, an exclusive area where you can share ideas, ask for help, discuss new content, and exchange feedback with other high-level members.
Attend community meet ups to connect in person with other dedicated community members.
7 20,000 After you get to Level 6, you've gained access to the advanced parts of Apple Support Communities.
But if you're the type to really stand out, there are even more levels you can try to complete. This is a major challenge, but we know you're up for it!
8 35,000






You can earn awards when you explore the community and use your perks. When you earn an award, you’ll see a colored award icon on your profile. Go to your profile to see all the awards that are available. Click on each award to learn what you can do to earn it. As you reach higher levels in the community, more awards become available to you.

Award Description


Learn more about Apple Support Communities. You earn 8 points and get the Learn award if you:

  • Learn about Apple Support Communities.
  • Read a User Tip.


You earn 8 points and get the Discover award if you complete these activities:

  • Start a discussion.
  • Reply to another member's discussion.


You get perks as you gain user levels. To get the Reporting award:

  • Become a Level 2 user.
  • Report a post.

Be Yourself

You're getting the picture. To get the Be Yourself award:

  • Become a Level 3 user.
  • Upload a new image from your computer as your avatar. You'll also earn 8 points.

Stay in Touch

There's always something interesting happening here. To earn the Stay in Touch award:

  • Become a Level 4 user.
  • Visit My Subscriptions.
  • Follow the Levels 4 and 5 Announcements page.

Find My Subscriptions in the upper-right navigation area, and on your profile. Find the Announcements page here.


When you become a Level 4 user, you can attend conference calls and get the Conference award. We announce conference calls on the Announcements page. You earn 10 points every time you attend.

User Tip

User Tips are a great learning resource for the community. Level 5 users can write User Tips. You earn the User Tip award if the community likes your User Tip. You earn 10 points once per User Tip that the community likes.


The Lounge is a private club for our most active users. When you're a Level 6 user, you can access The Lounge. Create a discussion and earn the Lounge award.

Meet Up

Apple Support Communities is made up of true Apple fans. When you're at Level 6, you can attend a Communities meet up with other active members and earn the Meet Up award. Every time you attend a meet up, you earn 25 points.
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