Share what you know and get recognized

Participate in Apple Support Communities to earn points, level up, and get perks.

Earn points

When you actively participate in Apple Support Communities, you can earn points and get recognition for sharing quality content. Here’s what you can do to earn points and how many points you’ll get.

Activity Points you earn
Your question is marked as "I have this question too" by another user. 1 point per user (up to 15 points per question)
You create a post to ask a question. 4 points (one time only)
You reply to another member's question. 8 points (one time only)
Your answer is marked as "Helpful" by the original poster. 5 points
Your answer is marked as "Helpful" by 5 or more community members (not the original poster). 5 points
Your answer is recommended by Apple (marked as "Apple recommended"). 7 points
Your answer is marked as "This solved my question" by the original poster. 10 points
You attend a Communities conference call (for Level 4 users and above). 10 points (each time)
Your User Tip is liked (for Level 5 users and above). 10 points (once per User Tip)
You attend a Communities meet up (for Level 6 users and above). 25 points (each time)

Level up and get perks

Here’s a list of the perks you can get at each user level.

Level Points Perks you earn
1 0 Welcome! To start earning points, ask questions or reply to discussions. Help other members and earn points to level up.
2 150 Report a discussion or answer that is off topic, inappropriate, or offensive. This option is available to make sure the community is a great place to learn.
3 500 Upload a custom avatar image. Your avatar represents you in the community and is displayed with all your posts.


1,000 Get exclusive news from Apple. Earn more features in your My Subscriptions view.
5 4,000 Create User Tips to share your valuable knowledge about Apple products.


8,000 Earn access to The Lounge, an exclusive area for high-level members, where you can share ideas, ask for help, discuss new content, and exchange feedback.
Attend community meet ups to connect with other dedicated community members.
7 20,000
8 35,000





Get on the leaderboards

Share your expertise and helpful answers in your favorite product areas to get recognition on the leaderboards in Apple Support Communities. Leaderboards showcase the highest ranking members based on the points that they've earned in each product community. Scroll to the bottom of any community page to find out who are the product experts in those areas. What’s better than a bit of friendly competition to motivate each other to share quality content?

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