Solved, Helpful, and Apple recommended posts

Let other members in Apple Support Communities know which post solved your question, highlight helpful responses, and find the answers you’re looking for faster with posts that are recommended by Apple.

Choose the answer that solved your question

If you’re the original poster who started a discussion, you can choose one response as the best answer. Then a copy of that answer will display below your question. The post remains open for additional replies and answers even after you mark the question as solved.

To choose the answer that solved your question on a discussion you started:

  1. Log in using your Apple ID.
  2. Go to the response that you want to choose as the best answer.
  3. Below the response, click "This solved my question."

When you mark an answer as “This solved my question,” the community member who gave that answer will earn 10 points. If you mark your own answer as the one that solved your question, you won’t receive points. Earning points in Apple Support Communities helps to grow your reputation as a trusted and knowledgable member.

Choose helpful responses

When you find a response that gives useful information, click Helpful to thank the member who posted it. All community members can choose up to two helpful answers per discussion.

If the original poster marks an answer that you give as “Helpful,” you’ll earn 5 points. Alternatively, if five or more community members who didn’t ask the question mark your answer as Helpful, you’ll earn 5 points. If you mark your own answer as Helpful, you won’t receive points.

Read Apple recommended answers

When an Apple Community Specialist reviews a post that gives a clear and helpful answer, they can recommend it. You’ll see any Apple recommended answers to discussions right below the original question so you don’t have to read an entire conversation to get the answers you need. If a Community Specialist marks your answer as “Apple recommended,” you’ll earn 7 points.

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