If Apple Pay on your Mac is turned off because security settings were modified

Follow these steps if you get a message that your card is unavailable to use with Apple Pay on your Mac, or that you cannot add cards to Wallet.

Apple Pay is turned off on your Mac when certain security settings are modified, or when your Mac detects third-party software or malware that affects its ability to keep your payment information secure.

Make sure that your laptop lid is open

On a laptop computer, you can use Apple Pay when the computer's lid is open.

If you're using a Mac laptop with Apple silicon and a Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, you can also use Apple Pay with the lid closed.

Check security settings

If you're using a Mac with the Apple T2 Security Chip, Apple Pay requires the highest level of startup security. If you lowered your Secure Boot setting, use Startup Security Utility to raise it to full security. 

This does not apply to Mac computers with Apple silicon.

Check for the latest software updates

For the strongest security, install the latest Apple software updates and restart your Mac.

To make sure that you always get important security updates promptly, keep the “Install Security Responses and System files” (or “Install system data files and security updates”) setting enabled in Software Update settings. Learn how to change Software Update settings.


If you need help

If you still get the same Apple Pay alert after installing all available software updates and restarting your Mac, contact Apple Support for help.


In China mainland, you can use Apple Pay on the web in Safari only on compatible iPhone and iPad models.

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