Mac OS System Error Codes: 1 to 32767

These lists of system error codes and their meanings are maintained with MPW SysErr.a, and in Inside Macintosh Volume VI (c) Addison-Wesley 1991.

This document applies to Mac OS 9 and earlier.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

Note: Items listed in [brackets] are old result code meanings.
DS Error Table

1 dsBusError bus error
2 dsAddressErr address error
3 dsIllInstErr illegal instruction error
4 dsZeroDivErr zero divide error
5 dsChkErr check trap error
6 dsOvflowErr overflow trap error
7 dsPrivErr privilege violation error
8 dsTraceErr trace mode error
9 dsLineAErr line 1010 trap error
10 dsLineFErr line 1111 trap error
11 dsMiscErr miscellaneous hardware exception error
12 dsCoreErr unimplemented core routine error
13 dsIrqErr uninstalled interrupt error
14 dsIOCoreErr IO Core Error
15 dsLoadErr Segment Loader Error
16 dsFPErr Floating point error
17 dsNoPackErr package 0 not present [List Manager]
18 dsNoPk1 package 1 not present [Reserved by Apple]
19 dsNoPk2 package 2 not present [Disk Initialization]
20 dsNoPk3 package 3 not present [Standard File]
21 dsNoPk4 package 4 not present [Floating-Point Arithmetic]
22 dsNoPk5 package 5 not present [Transcendental Functions]
23 dsNoPk6 package 6 not present [International Utilities]
24 dsNoPk7 package 7 not present [Binary/Decimal Conversion]
25 dsMemFullErr out of memory!
26 dsBadLaunch can't launch file
27 dsFSErr file system map has been trashed
28 dsStknHeap stack has moved into application heap
30 dsReinsert request user to reinsert off-line volume
31 dsNotThe1 not the disk I wanted (obsolete)
33 negZcbFreeErr ZcbFree has gone negative
40 dsGreeting welcome to Macintosh greeting
41 dsFinderErr can't load the Finder error
42 shutDownAlert handled like a shutdown error (obsolete)
43 dsSystemFileErr can't find System file to open (obsolete)
51 dsBadSlotInt unserviceable slot interrupt
81 dsBadSANEopcode bad opcode given to SANE Pack4
84 menuPrgErr happens when a menu is purged
85 dsMBarNFnd SysErr -- cannot find MBDF
86 dsHMenuFindErr SysErr -- recursively defined HMenus
87 dsWDEFnFnd Could not load WDEF
88 dsCDEFnFnd Could not load CDEF
89 dsMDEFnFnd Could not load MDEF
98 dsNoPatch Can't patch for particular Model Mac
99 dsBadPatch Can't load patch resource
101 dsParityErr memory parity error
102 dsOldSystem System is too old for this ROM
103 ds32BitMode booting in 32-bit on a 24-bit sys
20000 dsShutDownOrRestart user choice between ShutDown and Restart
20001 dsSwitchOffOrRestart user choice between switching off and Restart
20002 dsForcedQuit allow the user to ExitToShell, return if Cancel
32767 dsSysErr general system error (catch-all used in DSAT)
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