Use Family Sharing to provide parental consent for your child's existing Apple ID

You can use Family Sharing to add your child's Apple ID to your family and give parental consent, so they can continue to use their Apple ID.

Apple allows children to have Apple IDs and to use Apple services with parental consent. The age where parental consent is required depends on the country or region, and sometimes these laws change. If you have a child who already has an Apple ID but their account doesn't have your consent, use Family Sharing to add their Apple ID to your family group and give consent.

First, set up Family Sharing, if you haven't already. Then follow these steps to add your child to your family and provide parental consent. 

  • Go to Settings > [ your name ] > Family Sharing.
  • Tap Add Family Member.
  • Tap Invite in Person.
  • Enter the email address that your child uses as their Apple ID, then tap Next.
  • Ask your child to enter their Apple ID password, then tap Next.
  • Agree to the Parental Privacy Disclosure.
  • Choose whether or not to enable Ask to Buy and Location Sharing for your child.

When you complete this process, your child appears in your family group and has the parental consent that's required to continue using their Apple ID.

If you don't have an Apple ID, you may still provide verified parental consent. Ask your child to sign in at Enter your information and a verified payment method and then accept the parental consent agreement. 

A rescue email address might be required for your child to be added to your family. If your child doesn't have one on file, they can add a rescue email from their Apple ID account settings.


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