How "Hey Siri" works with multiple devices

Learn how a device responds to "Hey Siri" when there are multiple devices that support "Hey Siri" nearby.

Which device responds to "Hey Siri?"

When you say "Hey Siri" near multiple devices that support "Hey Siri," the devices quickly communicate to each other using Bluetooth to determine which one should respond to the request. The device that heard you best or was recently raised will respond.

HomePod responds to most Siri requests, even if there are other devices that support "Hey Siri" nearby. If you want to use Siri on a specific device, raise to wake that device or press the button to use Siri, then make your request.

What to do if the wrong device responds to "Hey Siri"

  • "Hey Siri" uses Bluetooth to communicate with nearby devices, so make sure that you turn on Bluetooth on all of your devices. If you turn off Bluetooth or if a device isn’t in Bluetooth range of the other devices, multiple devices might respond to your request.
  • Make sure that all of your devices are updated to the latest software. If some of your devices are using older software, then multiple devices might respond to "Hey Siri."
  • If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can place it face down so it doesn't respond to "Hey Siri."
  • If you want a device other than HomePod to respond, raise to wake that device, then say "Hey Siri." Or press the button on that device to use Siri.
  • On HomePod, if you say "Hey Siri, turn off Hey Siri" or turn off Listen for "Hey Siri" in HomePod settings in the Home app, then HomePod won't respond to "Hey Siri." To turn "Hey Siri" back on, touch and hold the top of HomePod, then say "Turn on Hey Siri."
  • On the device that you want to use Siri, go to Settings and check that "Hey Siri" is turned on.

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Published Date:Tue Feb 27 00:54:53 GMT 2018