Use Touch Accommodations on HomePod

If you have trouble using the touch controls on HomePod, Touch Accommodations can help. 

Turn on Touch Accommodations

If you set up HomePod with an iOS device that uses Touch Accommodations, then your Touch Accommodations settings from that device will automatically transfer to HomePod.

If you need to turn on Touch Accommodations after you set up HomePod:

  1. Open the Home app on the iOS device that's signed in with the Apple ID that you used to set up HomePod.
  2. In the Home or Rooms tab, touch and hold HomePod.
  3. Tap Details. Then tap Accessibility.
  4. Turn on Touch Accommodations.

Touch Accommodations has several features that you can adjust to help you control HomePod:


Choose how long it takes for HomePod to respond to a touch

Turn on Hold Duration, then use the plus and minus buttons to choose a duration. HomePod ignores touches that are shorter than the Hold Duration.

Set HomePod to treat multiple touches as a single touch

If you have trouble touching your HomePod controls just once, turn on Ignore Repeat. Then, if you touch the controls several times quickly, HomePod treats the touches as one.

Use the plus and minus buttons to adjust the timing.

Choose how HomePod responds to a sliding touch

If you often slide your finger on the touch controls instead of tapping, use Tap Assistance. You can choose whether HomePod responds to where you start sliding or where you stop sliding.

  • If you tend to slide your finger to where you want to touch, select Use Final Touch Location.
  • If you tend to slide your finger after touching your target, select Use Initial Touch Location.

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Published Date: Thu Feb 08 21:02:37 GMT 2018