If HomePod isn't responding

Learn what to do if you can’t use "Hey Siri," connect to Wi-Fi, or have another issue using HomePod.

Make sure that HomePod is turned on

Make sure that HomePod is plugged in to power. Then tap the top of HomePod. If you see the volume controls or hear music, then HomePod is turned on. You can also check by saying "Hey Siri." If Siri responds, then HomePod is turned on.

If HomePod doesn't respond, unplug it from power, then plug it back in.


Check for alerts in the Home app

If HomePod can't connect to your home Wi-Fi network, access your Apple ID, or there’s another issue, you’ll see an alert with details about the issue in the Home app. To see more information about the alert, press and hold HomePod in the Home or Rooms tab.

Check your Wi-Fi connection

If you recently changed your Wi-Fi password or moved HomePod to a new location, Siri will let you know that there's a problem connecting to Wi-Fi when you say "Hey Siri."

To reconnect HomePod to your Wi-Fi network, make sure that your iOS device is connected to your Wi-Fi network. Then go to the Home screen on your iOS device and bring it close to your HomePod. Wait a few seconds, then ask Siri a question to see if HomePod is connected to Wi-Fi.

HomePod doesn’t support captive or subscription networks. If you set up HomePod to use one of these networks, you’ll need to reset HomePod and set it up again on a different Wi-Fi network.


If "Hey Siri" isn't responding

Touch and hold the top of HomePod and say "Turn on Hey Siri."

If HomePod is connected to Wi-Fi but isn't responding to "Hey Siri," open the Home app, press and hold HomePod, tap Details, then check that Listen for "Hey Siri" is turned on.

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Remove HomePod from the Home app

Reset HomePod by removing it from the Home app, then set it up again. Open the Home app on the iOS device signed in with the Apple ID used to set up HomePod. In the Home or Rooms tab, press and hold HomePod, tap Details, then scroll to the bottom and tap Remove Accessory.

Press the top of HomePod to reset it

If you can’t remove HomePod from the Home app, then you can manually reset it. To manually reset HomePod, unplug HomePod, then plug it back in. Then press and hold the top of HomePod. As you press, the white spinning light turns red. Keep pressing until you hear three beeps. If you lift your finger too soon, then you'll need to start over.

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Get help

If you still have issues using HomePod, contact Apple Support.

Published Date: Thu Feb 08 21:07:44 GMT 2018