Use Siri to play music or podcasts on your HomePod

Siri can play music from your library and help you discover new music on your HomePod. Siri can also help you catch up with your podcasts and find new ones.

To play music or podcasts on your HomePod, say "Hey Siri," then tell Siri what you want to hear.

HomePod automatically uses the same Apple ID that you're signed into on the iOS device that you used to set it up. After you set it up, you don't need your device to be present to use Siri to play music or podcasts.

You can also add music to a queue to play next or create shared music queues.

Audio sources

You can listen to these audio sources through your HomePod:

1 Subscriptions required for Apple Music and iTunes Match.

2 To use AirPlay, manually start AirPlay from another device or app instead of using "Hey Siri."

Listen to music

If you subscribe to Apple Music, Siri can play music from your library and the Apple Music catalog. Siri can search by artist or album and control what's playing, and give you information about the music that's playing.


Find and play songs and albums

Ask Siri to play all songs from an artist, even if the songs aren't in your library. Or ask Siri to "play my music" to listen to songs in your library. 

  • "Play '24K Magic' shuffled."
  • "Play the latest David Guetta album."
  • "Play my music from Echosmith."
  • "I like this song."

Find and play music by charts

You can ask Siri to play new music, play top hits, or things like:

  • "Play the top 10 country songs."
  • "Play the number one song from January 31, 1973."
  • "Play some hits from the 90s."
  • "Play the hottest Twenty One Pilots song."


Play Radio and stations

You can ask Siri to play a station or create a new one for you. Ask Siri to:  

  • "Play Beats 1."
  • "Create a radio station based on My Morning Jacket."
  • "Play electronic radio.”
  • "Play music that I like."
  • "Play NPR radio.3"

Control what's playing

While you're listening to an album or playlist, you can ask Siri to shuffle the songs. You can also ask Siri to:

  • "Play more songs like this."
  • "Skip this song." 
  • "Turn on repeat."
  • "Turn up the volume."


Identify and add music

Siri can tell you information about a currently playing or recently played song, and add music to your Library. For example:  

  • "Who sings this?"
  • "What was the last song called?"
  • "How many songs are on this album?"
  • "Add this song to my library."


Learn about what's playing

You can ask Siri for more details about the music that you're listening to, and find other versions of songs. Ask Siri:

  • "What year did this song come out?"
  • "Tell me more about this artist."
  • "I want to hear the live version of this song."



3 News radio channels vary by country or region.

Listen to podcasts

Siri can help you listen to any show in the Apple Podcasts catalog and catch up with the latest episodes of podcasts that you subscribe to.


Play podcasts

Siri can help you keep up with the podcasts that you follow. You can ask things like:

  • "Play Oprah's Supersoul Conversations."
  • "Play my newest podcasts."
  • "Play the first episode of Lore podcast."

Control podcast playback

You can control the playback of podcasts with Siri. Ask Siri to:

  • "Pause."
  • "Jump back 30 seconds."
  • "Play it twice as fast."
  • "Skip ahead 10 seconds."

Learn about what's playing

You can ask Siri for information about the podcasts you're currently listening to and ask Siri to subscribe to new podcasts. For example:

  • "What podcast is this?"
  • "Subscribe to Happier with Gretchen Rubin."



Do more with Siri

Siri can help you do much more with HomePod. You can:

Published Date:Thu Feb 08 21:03:56 GMT 2018