Turn off Hyper-V to use Windows 10 on your Mac

Mac computers won't boot into Windows 10 if Microsoft Hyper-V is enabled. Turn this software off to use Windows 10 in Boot Camp.

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Microsoft Hyper-V must be off for Windows 10 to start up on a Mac using Boot Camp. If you try to boot into Windows 10 with Hyper-V turned on, you see only a black screen and Windows doesn't start.

Take care if you install Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, because this software automatically enables Hyper-V. To turn Hyper-V off after it's been enabled, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Control Panel in Windows.
  2. Go to the "Turn Windows features on or off" section.
  3. Turn off Hyper-V.

If you enable Hyper-V and then shut down Windows 10

If Hyper-V is turned on and you shut down Windows, you'll have to attempt a recovery using a USB recovery drive or the media you used to install Windows 10. Learn more about recovery options in Windows 10 on the Microsoft support site.

If you can't successfully restore your Windows 10 installation to a state before Hyper-V was enabled, you can reinstall Windows using Boot Camp Assistant.

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