Add a personal Apple ID as a contributor to a managed iTunes U course

Learn how to use your personal Apple ID to manage your iTunes U courses in Apple School Manager. 

To get started, send a copy of each course to your Managed Apple ID. Then, sign into Course Manager or iTunes U for iOS. Accept the invitation with the Managed Apple ID. 

At this time, you must associate your iTunes U Public Site Manager site with your Apple School Manager organization. Then, you can invite personal Apple IDs that are administrators or contributors in Public Site Manager to be course contributors on your managed iTunes U courses. You can also add Managed Apple IDs as administrators and contributors for your iTunes U public site. 

After you do this, you can invite your personal Apple ID as a course contributor. When your personal Apple ID is added as a course contributor, you can use it to teach courses that you created using Apple Deployment Programs or Apple School Manager. 

Course owners can use the course Admin | Instructors pane to invite up to five instructors to be course contributors. Course contributors can help you develop, edit, and manage your course.

To use a personal Apple ID to manage your iTunes U courses, your institution has to:

  • Have an active Apple School Manager organization. 
  • Create and provide Managed Apple IDs to instructors.
  • Have an iTunes U public site. To find your public site URL, search for your organization on the iTunes store. Control-click or right-click the institution name, then click Copy Link.

If your institution meets these requirements, you can submit your request to use personal Apple IDs as iTunes U Contributors for your organization. Here’s how:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Administrator or Site Manager Managed Apple ID.
  3. Select iTunes U from the left pane.
  4. Click Request to Use Public Site Manager.
  5. Paste the URL for your iTunes U public site.
  6. Click Request.
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